Remember to Say Thank You

November 9, 2015 5 comments

Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Paul Green
Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Paul Green

Background Scripture: Luke 17:11-19

Memory Verse: Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!” 1 Chronicles 16:8 ESV

It was an exciting morning! Jaime stood in line with hundreds of people. The first one hundred children through the door would receive a new gaming system. All around him, people chatted with anticipation.

When the store manager finally opened the door, Jamie was one of the first children to rush through the door. Yes! He was among the first one hundred. 

Gathering with the other winners, Jaime jumped up and down,  waiting for the manager to mount the platform and hand out the prizes. As soon as the manager mounted the platform,  hands immediately went up reaching out hoping to be the first to receive their prize.

As the manager handed out each prize, each child ran away excitedly to show his winnings. When the manager came to Jaime, Jamie said, “Thank you!”

Smiling, the manager said, “That’s the best thing I’ve heard all morning. Here's a free game to go with your new gaming system."

Even more excited, Jaime ran towards his mom and  dad to show what the manager gave him. When Jaime's parents saw what the manager did for Jaime, they shouted from where they stood, "Thank you!"

The manager shouted back, "He's a good kid! You're welcome!"

Thought:  Show appreciation. Say thank you.

Prayer: Father God, let us not forget how you bless us. Let us remember to say thank you for all you've done. In Jesus's name, we pray. Amen.

Mission Challenge:  For one full day, consciously say thank you for everything someone does for you.


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5 Comments on “Remember to Say Thank You

  1. My thoughts about this story are that everyone can make someone’s day by saying two words “thank you”. “Thank you” means you are thankful for something someone did for you. One thing you can ask someone and yourself is, “Do you say thank you?”

  2. My thoughts are that if somebody gives you something or does something for you you should really thank them. If you say thank you, you might just make their day more better. Then maybe if you say thank you maybe that person will go around saying thank you. Then, you will have so many people saying thank you around the world. I think this will be amazing to me.

  3. My thoughts about this are that if you continue to give thanks to everybody, don’t always expect someone to give you something. Sometimes, it might happen. Just always be thankful for what everybody does for you.

  4. Saying Thank You

    1. Always say thank you because saying thank you is polite and convenient.
    2. Saying thank you is a good habit because not saying thank you is like being rude or mean.
    3. Thank you should be a part of your daily routine especially when you’re eating a meal, being offered an opportunity, or being clothed and nourished.
    4. Saying thank you helps you get rewards and prizes (just for being polite).
    5. When you say thank you MEAN IT!

  5. I need to start thanking people more because they do so much. Also, we all need to start saying thank you because if they keep doing stuff for you and don’t say thanks they may never do anything else for you. And what if you don’t say thank you and make someone have a bad day or a frown on their face. That’s not good. Last thing is you may never know who God is, so if you don’t say thank you you may not be saying thank you to God.

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