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November 16, 2015 7 comments

Clipart courtesy of Clker/OCAL
Clipart courtesy of Clker/OCAL


Background Scripture: Luke 21:1-4

Memory Verses: Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24 ESV

Charlie’s school was having a toy drive for the local orphanage. All the children were asked to donate one of their best toys. Later, the teachers would wrap each toy and give them out to the children at the orphanage.  

Charlie was nervous about what to give because he did not have much to give himself. Over the last year, he and his family had struggled financially.

Charlie watched as other children gave gifts that were much more expensive than his. All he had to give was a small teddy bear that he loved as a younger boy. Embarrassed by his gift, he quickly handed the teddy bear to the teacher and walked off.

As he hurried away, the teacher called his name. He wanted to pretend like he didn’t hear her, but he knew it would be trouble if he did not respond. With his head down, he slowly walked back towards his teacher. When he was in front of her, she asked, “How did you know?”

Confused, Charlie looked up. “What do you mean by how did you know?”

The teacher said, “How did you know we were looking for one of these bears? One of the little girls who recently lost her family in a fire asked if we could find a bear like this. Her mom and dad had given her one the night before the fire. She lost it in the fire, and she wanted something to remember them by.”

Charlie responded, “I didn’t know. It was the best I had to give.”

Thought: Your best is all God asks of you. 

Prayer: Father God, thank you for your generosity towards us. Without you, we would have nothing. Help us to remember what is most important to you. Help us to always give our best to you. In Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

Mission Challenge: Give a toy to a child in need. 


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7 Comments on “Give Your Best

  1. I thought he was very thoughtful because he gave his all to the orphans. He gave his all to God as well. Even if you don’t have a lot, you are able to give, like him. I think Charlie should be rewarded for what he gave. He is still poor, but he is still a child of God.

  2. He didn’t know the girl didn’t have parents or anything. He didn’t have any money and embarrassed, but he gave his teddy bear so she could have something. To me, he cared about the girl.

  3. 1. Giving the best is a good habit because it can apply to everyday life, school and home.
    2. The best ca be very pleasing but also subtle because you can give your best worst or your best best.
    3. The story is inspiring because you can always put it together.
    4. The best can be a challenge. You face challenges yourself to be the best.

  4. My thoughts are that if you don’t have anything don’t be embarrassed. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are blessed from God. Charlie is a special person. Never be hard on yourself.

  5. My thoughts about this story is I need to stop thinking I don’t have enough stuff when really I have more than enough. Also, if someone doesn’t have enough, then give them something you think you would need to live on. God will give you something, maybe better or the same thing. I learned to be grateful for everything I have. I learned to give up/ donate toys that you have cluttered up in your house/room. Lastly, don’t go asking for everything because one day you can have nothing.

  6. He did not have much, and he was nervous. But what happened was he gave a teddy bear, he thought would be silly, and it came in handy because a girl lost her family in a fire. She lost the teddy bear in the fire too, but thanks to Charlie who gave a teddy bear, I think the girl will be very happy.

  7. I think that Charlie was a good kid for giving his best but he shouldn’t have been embarrassed. I think this because he didn’t know that the little girl had a bear just like it. He should be glad for giving the present. I’m glad that he is a good child.

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