The Saturday Special Christian Children's Magazine is adding a print magazine to its program.  As a part of this new implementation, we are adding a scholarship program for writers and participants. More details concerning the scholarship program forthcoming.   *Only those children who have completed an application can submit articles. If you would like to become a Kid Contributor, continue reading below and have your parents or an authorized guardian complete Kid Contributor Application - Form 16-8.

What Is The Saturday Special?

The Saturday Special Christian Children's Magazine is a monthly online magazine written by children for children. Our goal is to give children a venue to help empower other children through the written word and art. Each contribution serves as a way to encourage, educate, and equip other children all across the world.


Kid Contributors

Those who write for or contribute to the magazine are called Kid Contributors.  Currently, the age of the contributors ranges from 8 years of age to 17 years of age. However, anyone who is below age 17 and in school can apply to be a writer. Also, we encourage kid artists to contribute and share their work. To become a Kid Contributor, parents can email info@ChristianChildrensEmpowerment.com or mail it to 303 Harbor Village Dr. Nashville, TN 37115. If you are a ministry or community program, you can sponsor Kid Contributors. For more information, view Kid Contributor Application - Form 16-8 or contact us.

Getting Started as a Writing Mentor

Are you interesting in partnering with us to become a writing mentor for a child? Below is a quick guide on how to get started. Parents permission required.

  1. Step 1. Identify children who are interested in writing or you feel could benefit from writing. We suggest starting with children you know, family members, youth groups, etc.
  2. Step 2. Tell them and their parents about the online magazine and share how you feel it will benefit the child.
  3. Step 3. If they or their parents are interested, share with them the website and application. Also, tell them that you are willing to serve as the writing mentor with permission. We have provided space on the application that will provide the permission. Your name would go in the sponsor section.
  4. Step 4. You or their parents can turn in the application. No article is accepted in the United States without a formal signature from the parent.
  5. Step 5. Start writing. As the children write, you can provide guidance and suggestions to create the best article. Each month, we have theme/topic suggestions, if needed. We can provide these to you if you like.
  6. Step 6. Ensure the children turn in their articles timely. Articles are due the 15th of each month.
  7. Step 7. Promote the child's work. New articles come out every fourth Saturday of the month. We strive to have one article featured per day, Monday through Friday. We share the articles through our various social media pages. You can share, like, etc. so others can see the child's writing. Also, we encourage people to leave positive comments about the articles in each article's comment section. Every comment is screened for appropriateness.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Why Should Children Participate?

  1. Christian Education
  2. Ministry Opportunity
  3. Builds Confidence
  4. Sharpens Writing Skills
  5. Enhances Creativity
  6. Positive Expression Outlet
  7. Create and Build Global Christian Friendships
  8. Strong Faith Foundation
  9. Opportunity to Build a Portfolio


Who Can Participate?

  1. We are taking volunteers only.
  2. Children, who are in elementary school, intermediate school, middle school, junior high school, high school or the equivalents, can contribute.
  3. Children who live anywhere in the world can contribute.
  4. Children who suffer from disabilities can contribute.
  5. We want children who are excited to share their gifts and talents for writing, photography, the arts, gaming, sports, etc.
  6. Contributors must present written contributions in English. As we expand, we will look into translating the magazine into other languages.
  7. We require our contributors to be timely.
  8. The Saturday Special is a Christian magazine. We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and Savior, and the Holy Spirit. We want our contributors to believe the same.
  9. All contributions do not have to specifically reference God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. We want children who are able to show how God can be a part of your everyday life. For example, if you wrote about a movie, we would want to know if a movie is appropriate for kids to see or what life lesson did you learn.  If you write about fashion, maybe you can write or put together photos of what is appropriate to wear to school when you are being influenced to wear the latest fad. Of course, we want to hear about the happenings in your city, county, state, and country and how it is affecting kids and Christianity. These are only a few examples. The possibilities are endless.



  1. Can I use a nickname or alias instead of my full first name? You can submit a nickname or alias, but it will be subject to approval.
  2. Do my parents or guardians have to approve my application? Yes, at least one parent or guardian must approve your application. We will verify.
  3. Why did Christian Children's Empowerment create The Saturday Special Christian Children's Magazine? We believe in family. As we have ministered to children from various backgrounds, we have found, regardless of background, children are more successful in living a Christian lifestyle and ministering to other kids when they feel like they belong to a group, a family, that has the same beliefs. One of the overall goals of Christian Children's Empowerment will be to build a network of Christian children all over the world. That no matter where a "CCE Kid" goes they will have a Christian brother or sister of whom they can depend.
  4. Who will see the magazine? Children all over the world will have an opportunity to view the magazine online.
  5. How much is the magazine? Currently, the magazine is free online.
  6. Do children receive payment for their contributions? No. This is a volunteer assignment very similar to a school newspaper. 
  7. Will you physically print a magazine? As we expand, we will consider printing and mailing physical magazines.
  8. Would you like to help sponsor our work? Purchase an ad for $250. Your ad will be featured for four weeks. Subject to approval. For more details call 1-626-789-KIDS (5437).