How to Start Teaching Your Little One that God Made Us

May 17, 2017 Administrator

As I pointed to the sky and then pointed to him or myself, the toddler’s eyes opened with wonder. I was saying, “God made you. God made me.” I did this several times, and he continued to watch, amazed. In Genesis 1:26-27 ERV, it says,

Then God said, “Now let’s make humans who will be

like us. They will rule over all the fish in the sea and the

birds in the air. They will rule over all the large animals

and all the little things that crawl on the earth.” So God

created humans in his own image. He created them to be

like himself. He created them male and female.

So, how do we start teaching our children that God made us? We start with these four scenarios.


Scenario 1: Say, “God made you. God made me.” As you do this, point to the sky (God), make a circular motion over mommy’s tummy or move your hands as if you’re shaping clay (made) and then, point to the child (you) or yourself (me).  Do this several times. It will stick.

Scenario 2: Gather your child’s pictures. Sit with him or her. One by one, hold each picture in front of them, and say, “This is you. God made you.” Also, you can gather pictures of various family members and repeat the process. Ex. “This is your grandma. God made her.”

Scenario 3: Grab a handheld mirror. Hold the mirror up to your child’s face and using rhythm say, “Who is that? Who is that? That is you! That is you! God made you!” Do this several times.

Scenario 4: In the kitchen, prepare to make cookies. If your child is very young, sit them in their seat, so they can see you shape the cookies into little boys and girls. As you shape each cookie, say, “God shaped man from the clay of the Earth, and breathed into his nostrils to bring him to life.”  Then, follow with, “He caused the man to fall into a deep sleep. He took a rib from man and created woman.” When you say this, take a piece of the “boy cookie” and place it with another lump of cookie dough to form a “girl cookie.”  Continue this process until all cookies are shaped and ready to bake. If your child is old enough, invite them to help shape the cookies. As you make each cookie, ask, “Who made you?” Allow them time to respond.  Next, ask, “Who made me?” Allow them time to respond.  Do this until all the cookies are ready to bake.

How did these activities work for your child? Share your story. Also, share other great ideas on how to teach our little ones that God created us.


Jacqui Wilson is the Founder of Christian Children’s Empowerment. Besides managing Christian Children’s Empowerment, she is the author of several books including the children’s book God Says I’m Awesome.  You can learn more about Jacqui and her other books by clicking here.

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