In Who’s Responsible? The Thieves on the Cross, the question posed was, “What would you do in your final moments?” I know what I would do because I was there at one point.

On my way back to school, I was in a terrible accident. I went off a ravine, and as my car went flying through the trees downward toward death, it seemed time stood still in those few moments. I asked, “God, what should I say? Should I ask for forgiveness for sins I have committed? Should I…?” I asked so many questions in what was a mere few seconds before my car made its final crash, miraculously caught by a tree stump and held in place until emergency services could rescue me.

I’m glad my choice was to talk to God. Looking back, it revealed the position of my heart. Afterward, I was sure God had more work for me to do on this Earth. That’s something we must all consider at some point. Am I completing the work God has for me? Am I ready to end my journey with the current position of my heart?  While one thief chose to try to save his physical self, the other chose to let go of this world and embrace the opportunity for eternity with Jesus. He was not afraid to ask, and I’m thankful that I was not afraid to talk to God in what could have been my final moments. I chose to believe He was there for me, and I am grateful that He provided me another chance to finish the work He called me to do.

Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder


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