The story of Jonah (Jonah 1) is about a man that was asked by God to […]
I have always asked God, “What is my talent?”  I remember reading the parable found in […]
There is a phrase you may have heard before. “You’re either in, or you’re out.”  That […]
I remember when I was in school. We had to take standardized tests like the SAT […]
In our bible study lesson, guardsmen run to tell the religious leader what occurred with Jesus’s […]
In Who’s Responsible? The Thieves on the Cross, the question posed was, “What would you do […]
The Urban Dictionary defines ghosting as “a person [who] cuts off all communication with their friends… […]
You were not old enough when Valeen Schnurr’s name made the news. However, like you, she […]
I will never forget what I saw. I was scrolling through social media, and the post […]
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