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Has this happened to you? One day, it seems everyone is your friend, but a week later, you are asking “Where are my friends?”  Life can seem confusing. But like this can happen to you, it happened to Jesus.  As Jesus rode triumphantly toward the city, he was praised. Yet, only days later, people shouted crucify him.  What happened? The people made a choice.

As we revealed in our main lesson, we all have a choice of what side we will stand on. Will you stand on the side of Jesus, or will you stand on the side of the enemy? Most are quick to say I will stand on the side of Jesus.  However, you need to think about what it takes to stand on the side of Jesus. Those who follow Jesus practice kindness, patience, and respectfulness toward their parents to name a few loving behaviors. It is behavior that comes from the heart.  Make a choice today that you will stand on Jesus’s side.

For an activity, we encourage you to draw, paint, or create a palm leaf. On each leaflet, write how you are going to stay on the side of Jesus. Then, for two weeks, practice what you said. Ask God to help you have success in your mission to be on Jesus’s side.



Here is a sample of what you can place on your leaflets.

I will…

  1. Say please.
  2. Say thank you.
  3. Be kind.
  4. Have patience.
  5. Be respectful.
  6. Clean my room.
  7. Be nice to my brother.
  8. Be nice to my sister.
  9. Help a homeless person.
  10. Help with the groceries.

Do you need help drawing a palm leaf or want one that is already drawn? Click this coloring page: Palm Leaf Supercoloring Page.


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