Raise your hand if your answer to the question is yes.

  1. Who has not closed a door their parents or guardians ask them to close?

  2. Who has not turned off the lights when asked by their parents or guardians?

  3. Who has not cleaned their room?

  4. Who did not do their assigned chores?

How easy was it to answer these questions? Did you feel bad or good as you answered? If you felt bad, was it because you know you should have done these things? Why? If you felt good, was it because you felt confident that you completed your task? Why?

In our lesson Who’s Responsible? The Thieves on the Cross, we see two thieves being crucified with Jesus. One thief admitted his wrong and was able to join Jesus in paradise on that same day. One did not admit his wrong and continued down the path of destruction. He didn’t make it to Jesus. Like these two, we have a choice. What choice will you make? Do the right thing or ignore what your parents or guardians ask?  No, it does not feel good when your parents discipline you for not being responsible, but why are these things important to them? How will doing what they ask you help you? We challenge you to find out if you don’t know.

“But what if I forgot?”

Do you forget all the time?  If you do, that means you need to make it a conscious choice to show you care. What does making a conscious choice look like? It is when you make extra effort to make sure it is done. Maybe, you can set aside a specific time to complete what your parents ­­or guardians ask you to do. Talk to them about your plan. It helps you to look more responsible, and that is a great look. One day, God will call on you to do something. Will you do it?

Think about this. When you really want to do something, like go to a friend’s house, get a new game, or even go visit a new place. You make every effort to make sure you can go. Do the same for your chores and the other things your parents or guardians are asking you to do.

-Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder

For today’s activity, we have added a coloring sheet for you. In this coloring sheet, Jesus is on the cross. He did not do anything wrong, but he took responsibility for our wrong.  Instead of us suffering the consequences of our wrong, He suffered in our place. He and God made the extra effort to ensure we have a chance to be in paradise.  You can color the sheet, talk about what happened, and share how you feel about it. Today’s coloring page comes from Super Coloring. Click: http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/twelfth-station-jesus-dies-on-the-cross.




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