In our lesson, Will You Turn Your Back? Peter Denies Jesus, Peter was afraid and abandoned his teacher and friend Jesus. It was disappointing. But like us, Peter was not always like this. Peter had another side to him, one that was more positive. Sometimes, we will not do the right thing, but we have an opportunity to choose to do better the next time around. Here are three times we see great things from Peter.

  1. Did you know Peter walked on water with Jesus? He was the only disciple brave enough to ask Jesus to help him walk on water. Read Matthew 14:29.

  2. Peter was one of the first disciples to believe Jesus rose from the dead. Read Luke 24:12.

  3. Peter gave a sermon at Pentecost, and three thousand people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Read Acts 2.

This list is not a complete list of all the great things Peter did in his life, and like him, we have many more great things to do. I want you to do an activity to prove it. Get a sheet of paper and a pencil or a tablet. On one side, write down the things you did that were disappointing. On the other side, write down the things that you did that were great! Ask for forgiveness for the disappointing times. Then, ask God to help you do many more great things, and take time each day to add to your list of great things. -Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder



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