In Who’s Responsible? The Thieves on the Cross, one of the key aspects of this lesson is acknowledging responsibility for your actions. On one side of Jesus, you have a thief who never even acknowledges any wrongdoing. On the other side of Jesus, you have one who fully accepts responsibility for his actions and sought the spiritual remedy for his downfallen state. Why is this so important? Besides the obvious reasons of leading to salvation, the “righteous thief” showed us three things that being responsible can allow us to experience.

  1. Taking responsibility leads to confidence. After accepting responsibility, he was confident about his end. What could have been a moment of sorrow led to joy.

  2. Taking responsibility allows you to move forward. As Christians, we know when something is not right. It nags at us, always on our tail, until we are willing to let go of wanting to feel right. When you finally release the need to hide the truth of the situation, we are able to move forward.

  3. Taking responsibility allows us an opportunity to experience a renewed relationship. We know people who have destroyed the relationships in their lives because it is “always someone else’s fault”. Like the righteous thief, we have this awesome opportunity to have a renewed relationship with God and those in our lives. Every day, some of the old habits and ways should sloth off as we continue to renew our relationship with God. Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth of God’s love when we finally understand what He has been trying to tell us?  Even the children in our lives feel great when they finally understand.

Being responsible is worth it. It leads to eternal gain. But as God always allow, it is a choice that is made. Who will you be like? Will we go for the eternal gain or toward the road of destruction? The gains are for our benefit as adults as well as those we are nurturing in Christ.

Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder


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