Welcome to the CCE Enthusers site, an extension of Christian Children’s Empowerment (CCE)! Here at CCE, we empower children through the Word of God, so excellence is the standard, not the exception! We empower by encouraging, educating, and equipping, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The CCE Enthusers' site was specially created to provide resources for children ages six to eight (6-8).   Here you will find resources which can enhance your child's spiritual journey. By this age, your child has learned a lot, and they are eager to learn more. As they learn more, they are excited to show and tell you about their latest achievement.  Thus, they are aptly called the Enthusers. 

At this age, they are in school and have already started developing socialization skills. They are carving out their personalities, determining their likes and dislikes, and creating friendship, which could last a lifetime. They hate being treated like a "baby". They like their independence and their capacity to think on their own.  Even if they need help, they like to try before asking for help.

Yes, they are great helpers, and this attribute can be of wonderful service to God.  For example, one such child who exhibited this attribute was Miriam, Moses' oldest sister.  When Moses mother placed him in a basket to save his life, his oldest sister, about age seven at the time, dutifully watched to see what would happen to him. When the Egyptian princess' maid drew the basket from the water and presented it to the princess, Miriam was in the right place to offer her help. The princess needed a nurse for the baby she would call her own. When the princess gave Miriam permission to find a nurse, Miriam chose her mother and reunited her family.* Other stories involving children in this age range include Joash** who became king at age seven and Josiah*** who became king at age eight.

So, we invite you to explore this site and take advantage of its invaluable content. Comment. Share. Come back often to see what’s new. We are happy to have you as a part of our CCE family!

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Exodus 2:1-10

**2 Chronicles 34:1

*** 2 Chronicles 34:1