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Are you ready to move?*  It’s time to hop for Jesus. How fast can you go?  Let’s hear the story first. If you have time, read the story from a child-friendly bible, or click Matthew 21:1-11, John 12:12-19, Matthew 27:11-26, 55-56, John 19:25.

In our main lesson, we talked about two different crowds. One crowd celebrated Jesus. They knew he was from God. They saw or heard about his miracles. To them, he was like a king. They treated him this way too. They laid their clothes on the ground and palm tree leaves, making a nice carpet as Jesus rode into town. They shouted, “Hosanna!” and praised him.

Now, later, Jesus stood before another crowd. They were not as nice as the other people. They shouted crucify him.  They wanted him to die, but he had not done anything wrong. Jesus was not worried. He knew it was his mission to die for us and save us from sin. Do you know who wants us to sin or do wrong things? It is the enemy, the devil.  So, we must choose wisely. Make the right decision and hop for Jesus.  Let’s play a game.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

You will need:

  1. Tape and paper (for starting and finishing line)

  2. Paper squares or index cards

  3. A writing utensil like a marker

  4. Timer

How fast can you hop for Jesus?  In your room or space, choose one place for the start line and one space for the finish line. Then, you are going to make two lists. For one list, write things that Jesus loves for us to do. See the sample list below. You can add more. When we do these things, we are being like Jesus. On the other list, write things that do not please Jesus, sin or wrongdoing. Write each thing on a paper square or index card. Mix them up, and then scatter them on the floor in different places between the start line and the finish line. You have made an “obstacle course”. You need to jump on the things that please Jesus. Avoid the things that are wrong. Put on the timer. How fast can you go? Do this with family and friends for lots of fun. Who is the fastest?  Let us be quick to be on Jesus’s side. Let’s go!

Sample List

Jesus likes us to do the following.

  1. Show love

  2. Be kind

  3. Share

  4. Give to the homeless

  5. Be patient

  6. Be joyful

  7. Be humble

These things are wrong.

  1. Being mean

  2. Being disrespectful

  3. Being jealous

  4. Stealing

  5. Lying

  6. Putting other things before God

  7. Ignoring those who need help

*If you don’t have the ability to hop, no worries! Get some mini bean bags or coins to toss. If that doesn’t work for you, ask someone to be your legs. When they see the square, they will tell you what it says, and then you can tell them to hop on it or avoid it. Have fun!


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