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Today, we have a story for you about two thieves. Have you heard about them? They were there the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Read or listen to Luke 23:32-43 from your favorite children’s bible or click the scripture to read the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV).

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Did you finish reading it? Great! Now share what happened in the story with the two criminals. What happened to them?

It is important for us to say when we are wrong, so God can forgive us. One day, we want to be with Him in paradise.

Here is a video to help you learn more. A special thank you to Kidwise for sharing this important video, The Story of the Two Thieves.

After watching the video, today’s activity is making a cross. How will your cross look? Click the links below to see how you want to make a cross.

  1. Palm Folding: How to Make a Palm Cross

  2. Stained Glass Cross Craft


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