In our lesson, Will You Turn Your Back? Peter Denies Jesus, Peter had difficulty sharing his faith in Christ. Like all of us at times, he was not brave enough to stand for Jesus though he knew Jesus was innocent. But later, Peter was a great disciple of Jesus. Jesus forgave Peter for abandoning him, and He charged Peter to go to the people with the Word of God. You may ask yourself how you can show that you know Jesus. You show you know Jesus in your words and your actions. Here are five ways people can know that Jesus is a part of your life.

  1. Pray. You and your friends have a test. Someone in your group is nervous. Offer to pray.

  2. Do the Right Thing. You are faced with participating in something you know you shouldn’t participate in or walking away from the situation. You don’t want your friends to think of you a certain way, but you know trouble is ahead. Walk away. They may call you names today, but tomorrow, you will not be on the news.

  3. Read Your Bible and Share What You Have Learned. A friend comes to you with a problem. You don’t know how to solve it, but you remember a story from the bible that sounds similar. Tell them the story. “Hey, have you heard about that story in the bible about _____? It sounds like your situation. In the story, ____.”

  4. Be kind. Showing daily kindness tells people what kind of heart you have. One day, someone will mention how kind you are to others. Your response? “That’s just the Jesus in me.”

  5. Do community service. Jesus especially had a heart for those in need. You can reflect the same heart by completing community service projects. In-person and virtual opportunities are available.

-Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder


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