Can you remember a time when you felt unprepared? Maybe, you were not prepared for a pop quiz. Maybe, you needed to pack a bag for a road trip? Maybe, you did not have your shoes on when it was time to leave home. If we think about it, many times exist when we should have been prepared for something but was not. As a result, we received a failing grade, forgot something that was needed for a trip, or were not able to leave home timely because we did not have our shoes on our feet.

In the bible, Jesus shares the story of the ten virgins.  The ten virgins had lamps to meet the bridegroom when he would come. The bridegroom is Jesus. Jesus calls five of the virgins wise, and the others he called foolish. The five wise virgins had oil for their lamp, prepared for the bridegroom when he arrived. The foolish virgins did not have additional oil for their lamps. The virgins who were prepared met Jesus on time and were welcomed in. The virgins who were not prepared had to go out and buy oil for their lamps. By the time those virgins returned, they had missed Jesus’ arrival and were not welcomed in.

Considering what you have read about the ten virgins, ask yourself these questions. Do you want to be prepared when Jesus comes, to be welcomed into heaven, or do you want to be unprepared when Jesus comes and not receive your welcome into heaven? This story teaches us how important it is to be prepared when Jesus comes back. This preparation begins by having a relationship with God, so we may have eternal life in heaven. Jesus wants to have a relationship with us because He loves us and is always there for us when we need Him. To have a relationship with God is to trust Him, talk to Him, pray with Him, and to read His Word, the Bible. If you have a hard time understanding the Bible, ask Jesus to help you understand what His word is telling you. The more you talk to Jesus, the stronger your relationship with God will be.

About the Contributor

Iyonna Collins is a recent graduate of Mississippi University for Women with an accounting degree. Currently, she works for the school district in accounting with hopes of gaining the necessary skills and experience to later become a certified public accountant. She has a heart for God and hopes to grow her gift of showing His love through the words given to her. All our contributors are volunteers. If her article blessed you, consider blessing her. Her Cash App name is $IyonnaCollins.


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