As you learn more about God by reading your bible and praying consistently, have you noticed yourself changing? Maybe, there were things you used to do that were not of God or Jesus would not accept.   When we become a believer and follower of Jesus, we leave all of the bad things behind. These bad things can be bad attitudes, bad behaviors, bad talk, bad friends, and other things you know are not of Jesus.

I want you to think about those things I have mentioned so far. When you are growing in your relationship with Jesus, situations will occur. These situations will involve you choosing to do right or wrong. You have the option to either go along with doing wrong or walking away to do what is right. Don’t think about what you have done in the past. Think about moving forward and looking ahead to staying on God’s side.

In the bible, there is a story about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. See Genesis 19:1-29. The people in these cities were so evil that God sent two of His angels from heaven to destroy them God would have spared these cities if He found ten righteous people, but He did not. Because of Abraham’s righteousness with God, Lot and his family were saved from the city. Lot was a relative of Abraham.

Let’s not be like the people in these cities. Be righteous by continuing to serve God by doing right. We cannot serve both God and the devil.  If you are doing more wrong than right, repent and ask God for forgiveness.  Then, ask God to help you do what is right. Pray that you will remember to call on Jesus and pray when you are in a difficult situation trying to choose right over wrong.  Jesus is on your side. Remember that He is always with you.

About the Contributor

Iyonna Collins is a recent graduate of Mississippi University for Women with an accounting degree. Currently, she works for the school district in accounting with hopes of gaining the necessary skills and experience to later become a certified public accountant. She has a heart for God and hopes to grow her gift of showing His love through the words given to her. All our contributors are volunteers. If her article blessed you, consider blessing her. Her Cash App name is $IyonnaCollins.


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