How many times has someone asked you, “Can you handle it?”  It is a common question we hear when we are asked to do a favor. At some point, someone has asked you this at school, and most likely, someone has asked this on your job. How did you answer? Almost certainly, “Of course, I can.”

This week, during bible study, our focus is the parable of the talents. Now, it spoke of a landowner asking his servants to go invest his goods. In the story, Jesus mentions three servants. One servant received five talents, one servant received two talents, and one servant received one talent. The landowner gave according to each servants’ ability to handle what was given.

And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another

one, to each according to his own ability…. Matthew 25:15 NKJV

As the story goes, the servant with five doubled his investment and brought back ten. The servant with two doubled his investment and brought back four. The servant with one buried it. He did not invest it at all. He did absolutely nothing with it, and as a result, he received punishment. If he could not handle the one, is it not true that he could not handle the two or the five?

Sometimes, we want more out of life, but we have not invested what we already have in our lives. This is not talking about money only. This speaks to anything God has gifted you to use in your life.  Handle well what you have, and God will add to it. I am a witness to this personally. The more I invest in building God’s kingdom or using my talents to help others, the more God gives to me. If asked to do a favor and you can handle it, do the favor well. When you do it well, it breeds trust and dependability with those who know you. If you are given the assignment of project head for a class, handle it well. Others will consider you a good leader for projects in the future.  If you are asked to develop a report for work or provide hospitality for a big client, handle it well. Your promotion at work may hinge on you doing the assignments no one else wants to do.  Often, it is the little things people notice and use as their opportunity to promote you to something higher. The servant with the two talents did not focus on the servant with the five talents. Instead, he focused on what he was given and doubled it. He received the same reward as the servant with the five. So, work with your one, two, or even three. Bigger is coming.

Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder


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