As I meditated on the lesson, Will You Turn Your Back? Peter Denies Jesus, I found it quite interesting. After reading about Peter and how he denies he would turn on Jesus, it is something you wouldn’t think any follower would do. For me, the story speaks so many lessons in one, but what stands out to me is love and forgiveness.

Somewhere along the way, we have had one person whom we have trusted, talked with about everything, and helped on numerous occasions. Having that person turn their back on you because of shame, others’ opinions, affiliation, or whatever the reason is hurtful. Jesus knew Peter would deny Him, but because Jesus knew the plan God had for Him, everything that happened had to take place. Since we have a conscience, it is our human instinct to fit in with the crowd when it is convenient. After we realize what we have done, it is a feeling you never get elsewhere. Peter was terribly disturbed by what he had done, but after Jesus rose, He accepted Peter back with open arms, asking Peter three times if he loved Him. To me, that speaks forgiveness.

“But the Lord said… ‘Do not look on his appearance…. For the Lord sees not as man

sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.’”

1 Samuel 16:7 ESV

Sometimes, you cannot look at a situation from the outside. You must look at it from the inside as well. Jesus knew Peter’s heart. Many times, we need that confession to know it is true love, to accept what happened, to forgive the person, to take the situation as a lesson to grow from, and become stronger in our walk with God.

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Iyonna Collins is a recent graduate of Mississippi University for Women with an accounting degree. Currently, she works for the school district in accounting with hopes of gaining the necessary skills and experience to later become a certified public accountant. She has a heart for God and hopes to grow her gift of showing His love through the words given to her. All our contributors are volunteers. If her article blessed you, consider blessing her. Her Cash App name is $IyonnaCollins.



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