When I look back on young adulthood, I disobeyed God’s direction more times than I care to count. But now in a more mature state, I ask myself, “Is it worth it?” The answer is usually no. Even when we think we know, we don’t. In my more mature state, I would rather not deal with the negative consequences. I always tell people you can choose to do whatever you want, but you must be ready to deal with the consequences that follow.  In reality, we can’t control what will follow our actions. We can anticipate, but it is not the same as knowing. Thankfully, God already knows, and as a result, He can lead us.

This week, we are talking about Jonah’s choice to disobey. As a result, he found himself inside a whale for three days and three nights. I bet he didn’t anticipate that when he ran from God’s presence toward Tarshish. See Jonah 1. However, he did take responsibility, and God was merciful to give him another chance. We can only pray that mercy will extend to us if we choose to make sinful decisions, but why go to that pain point anyway? Is it worth it? No, it’s not. What’s worth more for me is my peace of mind and being in the right relationship with God. Now, that’s something worth running toward.

Jacqui Wilson, CCE Founder


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