How do we fight against being afraid to claim Jesus in our life when we are facing scary situations?  Well, that’s a big question for a three to five-year-old. However, we know we can fight against fear by showing our faith.

Story Review:

Peter was afraid after his friend Jesus was arrested. Jesus did not do anything wrong. But instead of helping his friend, Peter pretended he didn’t know Jesus. He felt ashamed of his action and ran away. Use the verses from the main lesson to read the full story in your favorite children’s bible. What could Peter have done differently?

Allow the child(ren) to tell you what they think Peter should have done or what they would have done. Then, introduce them to the next segment.

In the bible, it says, “

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see

your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16 ESV


So we are supposed to let the Light of Jesus shine in our actions. Teach and sing the song This Little Light of Mine. (See YouTube List for assistance.After the kids sing it a couple of times, tell them you want them to show how they can let their light shine. Look below at the two suggested activities.

  1. Have different types of lights available like flashlights, child-safe lanterns, etc. When they sing the song again, have them turn on their lights when they shout the word SHINE! Click it off after each “shine”. They will have lots of fun doing this.

  2. After they demonstrate that they can make the physical light shine, tell them the following. “There are other ways to make their light shine. We shine for Jesus by what we do. Give each child or let them pick a good action to do. For example, they can give a hug, pick up a toy off the floor and put it in the right place, share a smile, say Jesus loves me,  say Jesus loves you, etc. This time when you sing This Little Light of Mine and they shout SHINE, they should do their good action. After they do their good action, they should get back to their spot and get ready for the next shine.


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