Daddy, Don’t Let Go

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A friend of mine shared a story about a little girl who received her first “big girl” bike. This little girl was super excited about the gift, but when it was time to ride the bike, she had second thoughts. Nevertheless, her father would not allow her to quit. He encouraged her to get on and pedal hard while he held the seat.

As she built momentum, she screamed, “Daddy don’t let go!” However, she did not realize that he had let go a long time ago, and she was flying in the wind. He knew she was ready.

I imagine all children who receive their first bike without training wheels feel this way. At first, things may seem wobbly, and like the little girl, they will holler, “Daddy, don’t let go!” Sometimes, it is like that for us when dealing with new situations. We’re scared to take on new challenges, and we don’t want daddy, our Father in Heaven, to let go. It’s okay. He knows. And he also knows that when he releases us and allows us to fly in the wind, we are ready for our new adventure.

I imagine Mary and Joseph faced moments such as these with the impending birth of Jesus Christ. And I imagine Jesus disciples felt this way when they realize that he would physically depart from them. Yet, God knew that they were ready. He knew that they could do it. He knew that he could let them go and fly in the wind.

Sometimes, we may feel alone, as if God has left us, but daddy never leaves. Just as the little girl’s daddy stood by watching over her, God is always here watching over us. So trust God, and allow him to let you go. #LiveEmpowered

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.”

Proverbs 15:3 ESV

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Originally published December 21, 2015.

Adapted. 2017 © Jacqui Wilson. All rights reserved.

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