The 3 Spiritual Lessons Revealed after I Cooked the Perfect Omelet

May 15, 2018 No comments exist
Today, for the first time, I felt like I made the perfect omelet. The egg mixture was just right. The pan was not too hot. The mixture gently rolled around the pan as it should. I released it at the right moment and folded it into a fluffy yet creamy delicious concoction.  It was not underdone nor overcooked, and it had the right perky yellow color. For me, all the techniques that I had learned along my amateurish journey came together to create a simple but very delicious breakfast. When I realized what happened, there was something deeply personal about it, spiritual even.
In some parts of my life, I have struggled to get things right. I have worked hard, harder, and my hardest, and still, I have faced failure. However, sometimes, everything comes together perfectly to create the most beautiful masterpiece like today. And when I look back at every mistake, trial, and mishap, three thoughts stand out to me.

1. Time is our friend.
2. Every little bit you learn matters.
3. It’s okay to give it your best and fail because your true best is yet to come.

Growing up, quitter was never a part of my vocabulary.  This is a characteristic that was carved into my life early in my childhood.  So if a failure was on the horizon, I steered clear of that course and pursued the surest route to ensure success. However, in doing so, I failed to learn that it is okay to fail. And when I refer to failure, I mean that I gave it my absolute best, doing all I knew to do the right way, and came up short even after I gave it my all. What I have learned since then is that some things were not meant for me or God wanted me to wait for it. 
Ah, the dreaded idea of waiting…
Why would God want me to wait for it?
In His wisdom, God knows that time is my friend. Time has taught me patience. Time has shown me that there are better ways of addressing an issue. Time has ensured that I remember who gave me the blessing, not me but God. Thus, time really is a friend because it brings an intangible wealth.  Every little bit I have learned over time comes together at the right moment, giving me the masterpieces I have longed for like this omelet. When I look at other areas of my life where I have willingly been patient, time has proven what hard work, a willingness to take it slow and learn can produce.  God gave me everything I needed to create what I enjoyed in that meal.  How much more will He give me as I continue to trust in His timing for life?
A little more patience gives me a little more time.
A little more time gives me an opportunity to learn more,
receive more,  and to understand what is truly the best. God bless.

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