Write Your Testimony; Change Their World

September 8, 2018 No comments exist


If you ever want to write the most powerful piece of your life, write your testimony. In Revelation 1:19, John is instructed to write the things he has seen during this magnificent heavenly vision. In writing what he saw, we have a vivid picture of what to expect at the end of life and for all eternity, a comfort for all those who trust that Jesus Christ is Savior. To say what he wrote is impactful is an understatement. Because of what he wrote, all who have sought the truth of Jesus have been affected. So many are still seeking the truth of Jesus, and they can see that truth through your testimony. Every experience you have has the opportunity to touch and change a life. What we experience is not for us only, but it is the beginning of a greater ministry, the word someone needs to hear at just the right moment.  Write your testimony; change their world.

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