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While studying my devotional reading of the day, I was struck by John 21:25. On the surface, this verse said to me that Jesus did so many things that all the books of the world could not contain what He did.  John, the writer, adds this verse after he has told us how Jesus has interacted with the disciples following His resurrection, but this writer’s first-hand account of Jesus’s last forty days on Earth is disadvantaged. Although he witnessed the many things Jesus did, he could not present them all to us because space would not permit it.

As I pondered this notion of being uncontained in written books, it made me think about us as Christian writers. Some of us will write one, two, or many books in our lifetime, but all that we are should not be contained in the books that we have written. Every day of our lives should reflect whom we are in Christ. We should do so much good that no one can contain our acts in a thousand books. What I am saying is that we should continuously challenge ourselves to go beyond the writing, whether we are friendly to a neighbor, engage in simple and random acts of kindness, complete a mission project, go on an adventure where we tell others about Christ through our book, or take time to teach someone else how we write about Christ. This is how people learn whom we are as people. This is how they will connect with us. This may be how they connect with Jesus even. Can you unleash? Can you become uncontained? The world around you needs to see whom you are in Christ.


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