The Addendum| Fixers and Consequences

October 16, 2018 1 comment

In my post Burden Bearer, I share how we often miss opportunities because we are carrying burdens we were never meant to carry. In this video, I talk about the type of people who find themselves most heavy-laden and the consequences that follow.

Are you a fixer? If you are, your heart is in the right place, but what happens when you are always fixing situations for other people? You become heaven-laden. You become a burden bearer, and you were never meant to take on that role. Our burden bearer is God/Jesus.
Personally, I have learned that carrying so many burdens due to me trying to “fix” situations leads to me feeling stressed and overwhelmed. God had to teach me to let those burdens go and trust Him to fix situations as He saw fit. It was hard because like you I don’t like to see people struggle or suffer unnecessarily. However, God revealed to me that struggle and suffering are ways He helps people grow spiritually. You and I are witnesses to this. However, if we are always going to the rescue, we can actually impede people’s spiritual growth, and they will continue to experience the same situation over and over again until they learn.

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