Go Play!

January 14, 2019 No comments exist

When we let children go to an open field and we say, “Go play,” most children tear away in sheer excitement.  They explore, they flip, they tumble, and they don’t stop moving until utter exhaustion hits them or we say stop.  Recently, I was speaking with another believer, and she was expressing to me how she was looking for direction from God. However, there was some fear at play.  I, myself, had recently received confirmation from God about what He wanted me to do regarding my next spiritual task. Initially, I was very excited, but I started to recede.  Yet, in advising this other believer, I realized that God was telling both of us to go play.  Exhaust every bit of what you have to fulfill the task that I have given you. Give everything you got to bring to pass what I have told you to do. Use every resource you must to bring glory to my name. The conviction that welled up in me reminded me of the parable of the talents.

You know the parable of the talents. One person received five. Another person received two. The other person received one. Although talents referred to money, the concept of the parable has spiritual application across all areas of life.  The person who had five invested well and received five more. The person who had two invested well and received two more. The person who had one hid it and received no return.  When the master who had given the talents returned, those with the five and two were deemed faithful while the person with the one was deemed unfaithful and lost the only talent they had received.  Then, the master gave the one talent to the person who now had ten talents.

According to our abilities, God has given some of us five, two, and one. What we decide to do with what we have is up to us. Regardless of what I have, I want to be like the person with the five talents, double what I have received plus gain due to my faithfulness demonstrated through my ability to handle what I have received from God. But in order to do this, I must be like a child, unleash and go play uninhibited.  You must unleash and go play uninhibited. Give every ounce of what you can to fulfilling your call and watch God blossom, double, and even bless you beyond imagination and thought. Go play!


The Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25:14-30


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