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Welcome to my site! My name is Jacqui Wilson, and I am the Founder of Christian Children's Empowerment (CCE).  In addition to managing CCE, I am an author, a speaker, a consultant, and a bible study teacher. As you explore my site, you will see the heart behind CCE.  


CCE's mantra is "Empowering children through the Word of God, so excellence is the standard, not the exception." Here on this site, you will see the subset of that mantra "Live Empowered!".  I am here to help you plant and water seeds of empowerment. I am here to help you experience growth. I am here to help you push through the hard circumstances to become greater. Ultimately, I am here to help you overcome the world's challenges, so you can live life more empowered through Jesus Christ.



Why did you create CCE?

The concept of CCE emerged from a vision given to me by God. When I received the vision, I was working as a full-time attorney. Upon confirmation of what God wanted me to do,  I took a leap of faith and started CCE. Since its inception, it has grown beyond anything I ever imagined, and it continues to grow. Although I had worked in children and youth ministry off and on throughout the years and as a juvenile defense attorney, never did I imagine the impact CCE could have on the lives of so many.  Now, I have a place where all can come and seek shelter in the Word of God. 




On this site, I share my personal devotionals, how I see God in my everyday life, and tools, which can empower both children and adults. Explore freely.  Connect with me on social media. Give me your feedback. I look forward to connecting with you in a meaningful way. Click here to connect with me on social media. 


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