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Welcome to CCE's Free Bible Study Lessons' page. When CCE started, it shared bible study lessons with anyone who needed them. This was the base of its ministry work. Since 2012, CCE has expanded significantly, but bible study lessons continue to be at the core of CCE's work. Each week, these lessons are used to empower children and families around the world.

Free Lessons

Use our free bible study lessons to get empowered and empower.  These lessons are available to individuals, families, groups, churches, organizations, etc.  Be sure to learn how we are bringing them to life through Empowerment University for Children. Click any lesson to get started.

Background: Genesis 1-2:3 Key Verse: In the beginning God created the heavens […]

CCE Extension Sites

Besides the bible study lessons, CCE has extension sites. These extension sites take a deeper dive into the featured lesson of the week. They share activities and articles appropriate for each age group. Extension sites cover all youth ages, those experiencing young adulthood, and parental figures. Primarily, volunteers from around the world provide the activities and articles used, but these sites will feature activities and articles from other sites who support Christian empowerment for children and their families as well. 

Resources for Ages 2 and younger

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Resources for Ages 3-5

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Resources for Ages 6-8

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Resources for Ages 9-11

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Resources for Ages 12-14

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Resources for Ages 15-17

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Resources for Ages 18+

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Resources for Parents

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So much more...

Now, CCE has four divisions. Visit our main site to learn more. 
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Empowerment univeristy for children (EUC)

EUC is a supplemental educational institution designed to meet the needs of the whole child. We are offering classes, workshops, and conferences that provide spiritual, academic, and skills enhancement.

The lifting hand

The Lifting Hand is the mission arm for the ministry, designed to lift children and their families to the next level of life. Under it, we are bringing together previous programs such as Bags of Blessings and Filling the Gap.

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